· What is Celebrity Summer Blog?
Celebrity Summer Blog is a non-profit site dedicated to posting pictures of beautiful female celebrities from around the world. The site is hosted on Google's Blogger service. Images are mostly hosted by Imagebam or ImgBox services. Our personal goals are:
- posting the latest celebrity pictures as soon as possible.
- bringing you great classics of celebrity history.
- seeking the best possible image quality available.
- always provide you complete sets (i.e. magazine spreads) including outtakes and updates.

· How do you choose the site's content?
Simply put, we post what we like. Neither do we follow cheap Hollywood or internet trends, nor will we be dictated by media on who/what is hot or not. We are not doing this for internet fame or a million clicks. We just honestly post who/what we find beautiful, sexy or attractive in any way. Due to our personal preferences and origins, you will mainly find Korean, German and US celebrities on this blog. This site will only provide material of celebrities (no internet models, etc). No offensive material or pornography will be uploaded. However, nude material can be found on this site.

· What are your sources?
That's a secret that we will take to our graves... ;)

· What's the easiest way to follow your updates?
You can follow us via Twitter, RSS-Feed or email.

· Copyright Inquiries
This website does not intend to violate any copyright, nor does it operate on any commercial level. We are not making any profit with this website. Nevertheless, if you are the copyright holder of any media published on this blog and want it removed, we will gladly cooperate with you. Please note that we only process copyright inquiries that are sent via email. Blog or thread comments dealing with copyright matters will be ignored. If you send us a removal request, please state exactly the name of the party that you represent and what content you want us to remove (including the URL of the blog entry helps to process your request quickly). We will cooperate with you as fast as possible. However, please allow us a reasonable period of time to react to your claims (at least about 12-24 hours). Please send your copyright inquiries to celebsummerblog [at] hotmail.com.

· Partner Sites / Link Exchange
If you run a celebrity blog or website similar to ours and want to exchange links/banners or become a partner site, just send an email to celebsummerblog [at] hotmail.com. We are always happy to make some new friends. We're especially looking for sites dealing with Asian (especially Korean or Chinese) or German female celebrities. For further info please check this site.

· Submitting material
If you have some pictures that you think are worth being posted on our blog, don't hesitate to contact us via email (celebsummerblog [at] hotmail.com) or Twitter. Just send us some info on the stuff you've got (or simply send the pictures). Please understand that we are trying to maintain a certain quality standard to our posts, so we might reject some submitted material. If you want to share a set of pictures with us, please be sure to submit the full set (i.e. complete magazine spreads) or let us know where we can find it. We will NOT post separated 2-pagers or artifically blown-up pictures. Please refrain from sending random "megapost" collections or "image archives". If you submit stuff, you will be credited by us if wanted. We are especially interested in material of the following celebs: Asami Mizukawa (水川あさみ), Jeon Hye-bin (전혜빈), Lights, Kaley Couco, Kelly Clarkson, Michelle Trachtenberg, Bae Doona (배두나), Bai Ling (白靈), Jena Malone, Ha Ji-won (하지원), Sin Se-kyeong (신세경), Havoc Hailey, Shu Qi (舒淇), Anna Angelina Wolfers, Henriette Richter-Röhl, Ke$ha, Miriam Wimmer, Nam Ji-hyun (남지현) of 4Minute (포미닛), Fiona Erdmann, Gwen Stefani, Mutya Buena, Josefine Preuss, Kim Gyoo-ri (김규리), Supatchaya Reunreung (สุภัชญา รื่นเริง), Inez Björg David, Waa Wei (魏如萱), Karena Lam (林嘉欣) and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

· Comments
Your comments on posts are always welcome. However, any offensive, racist, harmful or insulting comments towards us, celebrities or people commenting on our blog will be deleted. Spam will also be deleted without further notice or warning. Please cooperate.

· Note on older posts
We are aware of the fact that some pictures of old posts on this blog are offline. This is the fault of our old image host imagevenue.com which we don't use anymore. We are replacing and re-uploading old posts on imagebam or ImgBox step by step whenever we find some time for it. Layout of old posts will also be changed to the new one. Just have some patience with us please.

· Technical notes
This site (and its layout) is currently optimized for Mozilla Firefox browers and a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768. We are aware of the fact that display or layout errors might occur in MS Internet Explorer. We are working on fixing that problem. We also offer a mobile version of our site which was successfully tested on Android Icecream Sandwich browsers.

· Current Site Changes Log
Deleting non-relevant tags: DONE (12-07-24)
Implementing IE Layout Support: IN PROGRESS
Changing layout of old posts: IN PROGRESS
Re-upload offline images: IN PROGRESS

· Seeking your help acquiring some magazines
This is a cry for help especially to Koreans or people who can provide Korean magazines. We are seeking following magazines in MINT or NEW condition without address labels for reasonable prices (we are not willed to pay $50 for a magazine). Of course, we will compensate you for shipping costs. If you can help us, please send an email to celebsummerblog [at] hotmail.com. We are looking for:
· High Cut Magazine Korea Issue #56 with Bae Doona (배두나)
· Arena Magazine Korea 06/2012 with Jeon Hye-bin (전혜빈) pictorial
· Asami Mizukawa (水川あさみ) 2013 Calender